Is Online Dating Popular?

Online dating is one of the options available for people looking for a perfect partner, and regardless of the fact that lots of people still hesitate to use this opportunity, its popularity is growing day by day. There are several facts that prove that online dating becomes a good alternative to the traditional ways of finding a partner, and you can find them out in this article.

Online Dating Becomes More Acceptable by People

Today, most Americans believe that online dating is a great option to meet new people. The first studies on this topic were conducted in 2005, and, at that time people rarely used this option. Today, around 50% of the public knows at least one person who uses online dating. There are lots of stories of people who met together on the Internet and now are happily married. All this led to the increase in popularity of online dating. Although 23% of Americans believe that using online dating is a sign of desperation, it is still much more acceptable now than it used to be.

Online Dating Is Used by People of Different Ages

Today, 27% of people between 18 and 24 years old use this option, and it is 17% more than it was in 2013. People of 55-64 years old have also been found to use Internet dating more often now. One of the reasons for this is the convenience of use because people can enjoy communicating on the go thanks to various devices, such as smartphones.

66% of Online Dating Users Have Had a Real Life Date

As you can see, pretty many people using services of dating sites or special apps have actually met with someone they found on the Internet. In 2005, only 43% of people dating online went on a date. The improvement can be explained by the fact, that online dating is used by more people, and they have all the needed technologies to enjoy the process without any problem. Another reason for that is the availability of different tips and recommendations allowing people to do the right things to bring online communication to the next level.

The Number of Dating Services and Apps Increases

Since 1995 when the first dating website was registered, the online dating industry has grown significantly, and today it receives the annual revenue of $2.4-3 billion only in the USA. There are around 60 million users of online dating services only in the country, and this number is constantly growing.


As you can see from the information mentioned above, online dating has a bright future, and it is a really popular option for finding a partner. It is used by people of different ages who are looking for something sharing their interests. There are plenty of trusted online dating sites, and new ones appear all the time. That is why if you are interested in using online dating services, but still hesitate, you should give it a try.

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