Understanding What Women Really Want—How to Be Successful with Women

Do you ever wonder why the rich and famous, regardless of how they ordinary-looking they are, attract so much hot women? It’s because they know what women want and give it to them.
Look at how politicians, business moguls, and celebrities have beautiful and sexy women trailing after them. For some reason, women react very positively with men of power. And it has nothing to do with being gold-diggers, either.
Women like rich and powerful men because they believe—in their subconscious—that these men can give them something they want. And that is not influence or money. The reason is far more profound than that.
So for all you guys who feel intimidated by other men’s influence and riches, listen up: women are not really after the pot of gold. It’s about something you too can give them.
What women want from men are actually the following:
Sense of security
Interesting and stimulating conversations
To feel respected
Unknown to most guys, the female specie has been programmed, unconsciously, to feel attracted towards men of power because they feel that these men are different from all the rest. This is because men of riches and power are more confident, interesting, and intelligent.
Taking cue from the 3 things women look for in a man, you’d deduce that they like influential and rich men because these males can give them that. They don’t really care about the expensive jewelry and out-of-the-country trips. What they enjoy is the company of these men.
A woman desires a man who can give her the feelings she wants. That is the bottom line.
And most of the times, only men who are rich and powerful are confident and intelligent enough to keep women interested in a conversation. Their education and experience allow them to keep women interested in their stories. And—obviously—their money and power can provide women with the security they need.
So what does this mean for ordinary guys like us? Does this mean there’s no hope for us unless we suddenly become rich?
No. It’s all about conditioning the mind. It’s called ‘installing the buttons.’ You will need to make a woman feel that you will be able to provide what she needs.
Here’s what you should do: modify your actions. Think ahead. Ask yourself these:
“How should I talk to a woman if I know I have the ability to make a woman feel great?”
“How should I act if I believe I have the qualities women look for in a man?”
These 2 questions will help you modify your actions and behavior—making you a much more confident man—the kind that provides what women want. But there is something more that can be of great advantage to you…JOIN NOW and find out how you can become successful with women.
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