Approaching Women With No Fear If you want to be successful with approaching women the first step is simple, you need to be comfortable being yourself

Over the years I have found that the more comfortable you are being you, the more assertive and bold you can become around others and the more your confidence will shine through.
Unfortunately these days to many guys are stopping themselves from just walking up and talking to a beautiful woman because they are afraid of being judged by others. After many years of coaching I have found that the biggest fear most men have is appearing like a fool should the woman reject him. I would go as far to say that most guys are crippled by the fear of what the “other guy” (or guys) might think.
The “other guys” can be the bouncer at the club that is supposedly just waiting to see them fail or the guys standing around her or even the bar or even the bartender. I think that the biggest fear guys have when approaching women is the fear that their friends won’t let them live down the rejection, that they will be the butt of their friends’ jokes or that they will somehow lose their status among their friends because of the rejection. One thing that these men often don’t consider asking themselves is why they should care what others think.
One aspect of confidence building that you need to quickly take to heart is that you should not care what the “other guys” think nor use pick up lines. It really doesn’t matter what the bouncer, the bartender or your friends think. They are all most likely more concerned about their chances with the ladies than they are about you. The bouncer and the bartender both have jobs to do and so do all the other imaginary “other guys” that you might conjure up.
Although you might think you are the only person in the bar or club worth looking at, in all likelihood the “other guy” is checking out the girls not you – unless of course they’re gay. In fact the only opinion you should be worried about is yours. You decide your own self-worth, no one else.
This is an unfortunate trap which too many guys fall into. They get their validation of their self worth from other people – people they may never meet again. Guys who do not have a high opinion of themselves tend to seek validation from their success with women. They reason that if this woman likes me, it means I have value. It means I’m special.
They are not successful with women because they fear other people’s opinions and forgo their own happiness for the sake of not being judged. They can get over this by embracing a simple yet powerful idea: Refuse to be judged. That’s right, refuse to let anyone else’s opinions or views about you determine whether or not you should approach the woman. By refusing to be judged by the “other guys”, you are taking the power out of their hands and into your own, where it rightly belongs.
Men who don’t allow others to judge them create opportunities for their success. They do this by allowing themselves to fail. That’s right, fail. Although it may seem counter intuitive, by allowing themselves to fail and learning from those failures, they progress.
So for those men, and if you are in that group, my advice to you when you set out to meet a woman is not to fear failure, in fact to embrace the idea that you may fail. That way should you not succeed; you anticipated such an outcome and no one can judge you.
No matter your age in other words you are expect the worst, but preparing for the best. If you head out expecting the worst, you can’t be disappointed, and you prepare for the best by having something to say to the woman in a bar or club. Having something to say in advance is vital because it removes the uncertainty in your dealings with women and dont try and impress her. Also dont use pick up lines.
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