Approaching Women

If you want more success with beautiful women you are going to have to start to approach more beautiful women. It astounds me how many guys go out on a Friday and Saturday nights and wait for beautiful girls to start approaching them. The fact is beautiful girls don’t approach guys, it is always the guy who will approaching women . If currently you are having very little success with women I would hallucinate that you don’t know how to approach women in the correct way.
When it comes to approaching beautiful women it’s important you understand there is no one right way, what I mean is that what will work in one situation will fail in another situation. You wouldn’t approach a woman on the streets the same way you approach a woman in a bar nor would you approach a woman you met on the bus the same way as you would approach a woman you met in a nightclub.
It’s also important to keep in mind that every woman you approach is different, so many guys waste so much time trying to find the perfect pickup line or routine when they want more success with beautiful women. Pickup lines and routines are an absolute waste of time, as any guy who is good with women will agree. One of the keys to being successful when it comes to approaching women is situational flexibility, or in other words being able to adjust to the environment he is currently in.
The fact is when you approach a beautiful woman it doesn’t matter what you say it only matters how you say it. If you try and open a conversation with a beautiful woman but you appear nervous she will shoot you down or not be interested, if you can approach her and start a conversation with an air of confidence about you,  you will certainly grab her attention. If you want to know the key to successfully approaching women is confidence.
If currently you are not a confident guy around women the best advice I can give you is to approach, and approach and approach. Confidence is situational you don’t get it by reading a book or listening to a DVD you get it by actually going out there and taking action.
Approaching women is a skill and the great thing about it being a skill is that it can be taught to anybody. It’s important that you understand that no guy is born naturally good with women, in just about every case the guy that you call a natural spent many hours and got rejected many times to perfect the art of approaching women.
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