Are Bars Good Places To Meet Women?

If I said to you hey, lets go out on the weekend and approach some women, what place would pop into your head first? Would it be a bar or maybe a night club? I would guess that would be were you would suggest and in a way you are right most of these places have lots of single women in them, but for me it’s a long way down on my list.
Think about it like this, if you were a really attractive woman and every time you went to a bar or a nightclub, you got hit on by guys that had no idea what they were doing, in fact they became an annoyance to you, would you stop going to bars and clubs? Of course you would.
Personally I use bars and clubs to try out new lines and keep my skills sharp. I choose to do this is bars and clubs because for everything they have going against them you can easily talk to 15-20 women in the space of an hour.
I would never claim to be a pick up guru but I will tell you one thing “Women like meeting guys in the day or in different situations rather than bars or clubs. When her friends ask where you two meet would she rather say “We were both very drunk in a bar and started talking” or “I was out shopping and we started talking about fashion”. Of course she wants to have this cool story of how you meet, also approaching her in an environment rather than a bar or a night club shows confidence.
When you are in a bar or a nightclub, women will be on their guard, and you have to work a little harder as she has probably already been hit on by 10 guys before you, if you don’t do something special you will just be number 11.
I want you to be a little smarter than most guys out there, why make things harder for yourself? If you start approaching women during your day to day activities you will not only develop much better skills you will also get more dates.
I am not knocking bars, if you are looking for a one night stand or want to talk to a lot of women they are the perfect environment to do this in, all I want you to understand is there are many, many other places you can meet women.
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