How to Attract a Man – What You Can Do Right Now to Make Yourself a Man Magnet

If you think you have problems attracting men into your life, don’t worry. There are many women out there who are in the same boat as you are. Other than this, however, making you attractive to the opposite sex really isn’t difficult. Sure, it may take some work but it’s nothing that your feminine powers can’t handle.

In this article, we will share with you some classic tips on how to attract a man and keep him attracted to you.

  1. Work on yourself When we say «work on yourself», we don’t just mean make up and doling up. We mean that you work on yourself from the inside out. Take the time to find out your internal conversation and attitude about how easy or difficult it is to attract a man to you. If you’re a fairly attractive woman but have a hard time getting dates, your beliefs might be getting in the way.
    Take a piece of paper and pen and ask yourself this: «How do I feel about attracting men?»… Write down the very first thought that comes to your mind. If you wrote negative answers like «difficult» or «tired», it’s time to refresh your spirit and take on new beliefs.
    There is plenty of information out there that show you how to PROPERLY change your beliefs, from the ones that block you to the ones that serve. Make sure to check them out.
  2. Work on making yourself more interesting
    When you’re working on changing your beliefs, don’t stop going out on dates (blind dates or personal meetings with your online dates). Use those dates as opportunities to make yourself more interesting. Can you ever be boring on a date? Yes and a lot of women are boring when they’re out on dates.
    The most boring thing you can do while on a date is ask about his job or talk about your job. If you’re passionate about your job, it’s okay to talk about it. But if you hate your job, do NOT talk about it. Instead talk about what you’re passionate about, like your hobby. Also, when asking questions, do NOT ask interview-type questions because it will just kill any excitement you might have felt at the beginning of your date.
  3. Make yourself physically attractive
    While proper hygiene and wearing decent clothes are given, making yourself physically attractive also involves conveying the right body language to men.
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