How to Attract a Woman You Like- Tips to Finally Get The Girl!

It’s kind of weird how easily you can end up on an emotional roller coaster when you really like a woman a lot, but it does not seem like she feels the same way about you. You get the rush that a guy gets when he has a crush on a woman,   yet the same time if feels kind of empty because you want her to feel the same way back at you. How nice would it be to find a way to attract that woman you like… and make her feel the same feelings that you feel?

The torture that most guys put themselves through when they feel like this is a terrible thing. Instead of having to do that, to wonder what’s wrong with you or why a woman does not feel that way about you, it’s much more empowering to look at it like… how can I make her feel the same way? If you could do this, then you would not have to have all of those ups and downs, you would just get the pleasure of knowing that she really likes you back.

Here’s 3 tips that will help you attract that woman you like and make her feel the same way about you:

  1. When you like a woman, you need to be clear about your intentions without being too clear about it.
    Have you ever heard that it is not a good thing to be too hot or too cold for someone? Well, it is true. When you are too clear about your intentions, you almost immediately cause her to want to reject you, because of the fact that you are being too serious about her. When you are too ambivalent about the way that you feel, then she gets no reason to want to feel the same way about you. And she just might figure that all you want to be is friends and that is okay by her.
  2. Flirting with the woman that you like is an absolute must if you want the chemistry to be there.
    Here’s a little known trick about flirting with a woman you like… it cannot be the same kind of friendly and platonic flirting that a woman does with her guy friends.  You know deep down that most women’s guy friends are really guys that like her, but don’t know how to take things beyond the friend zone. That’s nothing new to you, am I right? There is a reason why those guys end up in the friend zone with her, even though they like her and flirt with her. It’s because they do it in a way that is fun… yet builds absolutely no deeper feelings at all with her. That’s not what you need to do.
  3. When you really want to get the girl, you have to admit that she might flat out reject you.
    This is when you have to get some real courage and deal with the possibility that the woman you like may not like you back. At some point, things have to become physical, she has to become your girlfriend. If she remains just a friend or a woman you know but have a crush on… nothing will come of it. Be a man of action, and ask her out on a date. Let her know that friendship is cool, but it is not for YOU.