Dating on Facebook – Are You a Stalker

Loading… Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about and probably have an account on Facebook. It’s a phenomenon and has taken on a life of its own. But can you use it to your advantage to find women/girls/dates, etc.   Yes you can, but ONLY if you do it right. Hey, get a clue, there are a million and one guys out there struggling to meet a girl, don’t be one of them, and rise above the fray.
Facebook is social media at its best, and while it can be exploited, if instead you learn to work within the system (to your advantage) wonders can be achieved.   I’m sure you have a friend or two right? If not, turn off the computer and head out the door, time to get a life. Well through your friends, that one of the best ways to meet other people, and these other people may eventually become your friend.   Get it? Well that is the KEY to getting things to work for you on Facebook, reach out and be friendly.
Step One.
This assumes you have a facebook account, if not get one. Assuming you do then it’s time to begin being friendly and build your network, hey don’t get glued to the screen, but put in a little time building your friends list and you’ll soon have an ever widening circle, and from this circle can come conquests.
Now you can certainly do this purely online, but it’s best to also do it with your existing circle of friends…«Hey, are you on facebook?» It’s a common question these days, and the answer can put your friends network into overdrive.
The key to this is being real and helpful, not a nerd and a stalker. Be friendly, comment on their photos, links, wall, etc. Begin to let them know you are a real person, not just some guy who signed on to score (although that is your ultimate goal). There are a ton of groups on facebook, and some of them are going to be right up your alley, choose those that you know something about, not just simply based on size. This gives you the ability to offer good and useful content, links, suggestions, etc. Be real, you’ll be doing yourself a service for the long term.
What we’re doing here isn’t marketing but it is networking. It’s surprising how people good friends I’ve made on the net, but I’ve never met face to face. For me that’s cool, for you the idea is to meet women and hopefully hookup.
Here’s how one friend of mine did it, it worked for him, it can work for you.
His interest is scuba diving (and girls in bikinis of course). So here he is brand new to phase book, only a few default friends, so what’s he to do, go trolling for babes. Nope, not the best way, instead he joined a group related to his interest, some place where he knew he could contribute to the conversation, mention good dive spots, etc. Basically be part of the gang and not a leech.
So he joined, checked out some profiles (guys not girls, there is a reason) and started chiming in when he had something valuable to say. Within a short time the others knew him, respected his advice, knew he was talking straight, etc.
Now how long it take to reach that point is up to you, could be a few days, might be a month or longer, but this is part of a plan, so the foundation is not to be rushed.
Obviously as you begin commenting, talking, networking you’re going to find a picture of a girl that makes your heart flutter or your blood boil, or maybe a bit of each. Great, forget her for the moment, we’re going to let her find you. What you’re going to do is become friends with some other women, not your pick, but maybe (if you do some research) someone who is a friend of the one that you are targeting.   Now during this entire time you’ve been hanging with the guys, making good comments, letting others know you’re a cool dude, etc. You get the drift.
Now when this other girl (who you’ve contacted and said «let’s be friends», chimes in, she knows you’re someone who is a friend of her friend (the original guy), plus she’ll look at your profile, find what you’ve said and think to herself… «He seems like a good guy.» That’s the point we’re striving for, that’s the time when you and her are talking (don’t rush it) and you can ask her to hook you up with this certain girl, the one you’re after to begin with.
You might find out she’s taken, and if so you can either move on, or simply add her as a friend and start another chat going. You have to look at this like throwing a pebble in a pond, there are ripples created that reach outward in ever widening circles.
Now the best case scenario is you’ll find your special girl IS available, and you’ve been introduced by one her close friends. When that happens you’re gold, and just need to follow through, get a number and proceed forward from that point.
Assuming you get to this point, and it might not work the first time, but it’s free right, plus you haven’t spent anything yet for dinner and drinks (or whatever), so hone your skills.
Now comes the seduction part and I’ll tell you more about that in future posts.   But basically you’re going to do a little harmless flirting (all girls love this, especially after being introduced from a mutual friend).
Now then, what about your profile? Obviously you need a good one, so get to work now… before you even start the process. Be real, but just like in a resume, accentuate the positive.