How to Become a Seductive Man

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about our Freedom with Women seminar, and it’s made us realize that there are basic principles about being a seductive man that you should know, whether you attend the Freedom with Women seminar or not.
Everything we are about to discuss in this article is what we have learned to be MOST CRITICAL in being seductive, so you’ll probably want to read it. It is about our Freedom with Women seminar, but you will learn valuable stuff from it just by reading it, even if you never come to a seminar of any type.
As you know from our articles and our materials, we provide a comprehensive approach to dating and seduction. We bring a level of maturity and sophistication to the process that is clearly not seen in our competitors. In our course we bring psychological rigor and savvy as well as sensitivity to the table, and work intensively with each man to fulfill his goals.
This course is not about bar tricks, skills for bamboozling women, getting a woman into bed in 30 seconds or less, how lie more effectively, how to install a manipulative personality in your brain, or how to completely go against your beliefs and values in an attempt to become the ultimate seducer. Nor is the course a competition to see who can have sex with the most women over a weekend period. And lastly, it’s not a bunch of horny immature 20-year-olds acting like overgrown drunken boys.
This course is about:
dealing with inner blocks,
overcoming fear of rejection,
dealing with past issues that have stopped you with women,
creating freedom in your life to have women show up easily and naturally,
how to access your natural sense of curiosity,
how to access your unique seductive personality,
where to find women in your area,
what places are a”natural fit”for you,
how to create a life where you have a lot of women in your system,
how to have the sex life you want,
and how to enjoy your life more and live it with passion and a zest for life.
Along with way we do cover specific techniques, but we teach A LOT more than techniques.
Aside from being best-selling authors and having extensive media experience, both Louis and Copeland have extensive counseling backgrounds. We have also studied educational and curriculum models. So we have a clear grasp of effective learning models, as well as counseling models that impact clients and participants in their seminars and in one-on-one coaching.
Our competitors tend to rely on only two modes during their course: lecture and in-field demonstration. In the How to Succeed with Women course we offer a holistic-experiential approach to learning including:
Group discussion
Practice drills
Practice session with real live women
Direct feedback from Louis and Copeland on your communication skills
Experiential exercises
Partner exercises
Learning games
Cognitive models
Guiding imagery
Group outings and on the street experiences
Learning specific concrete skills
Handouts not available anywhere else
Group feedback
To accomplish this goal we rely on several principles:
Being Social
You are a social being. Being a social being must spill over into all areas of your life for you to feel happy. Being social is the key to success with women, and also to feeling engaged in life. Having an easier time in social situations is one key to success. On the course you will experience breakthroughs in your ability to freely socialize with others.
Breaking Old Habits
Most of us are stuck in negative habits. Consequently, we’ve set our lives up to fail with women. Throughout the course we assist you designing a new set of practices and routines that will allow women to”show up”in your life and will allow you show up where the women are.
We’re not talking about a meditation course, or a vision quest where you don’t talk for days on end. We do, however, create opportunities for you to clearly face your inner blocks – to name them, understand them, and then have the tools to get through them.
Don’t worry; we’re not talking about yelling, crying or catharting. We’re talking about having new simple tools to let go of your blocks and to move into a new way of feeling and experiencing the world, in which you have choice about how you’re feeling – moment to moment.
Most of us walk around half dead all the time – in a near comatose state. We have pushed life away from us. In the How to Succeed with Women course you’ll get back to really enjoying life. Enjoying pursuing women. Enjoying your sexuality. Enjoying your own romantic parts of yourself. Finding new ways to enjoy your life after you leave the course.
Joy and enthusiasm are contagious. In the course we teach specific tools to finding joy and experiencing it on a greater and greater degree, and on a more regular basis.
We all get scared when approaching women. For some of us, however, we’ve been completely knocked out of the game entirely. In this course you will have many experiences meeting and approaching women. We are strong believers that one aspect to success with women is being desensitized to fear, being desensitized to approaching woman cold, being desensitized to rejection, and being desensitized to any resistance you have to talking to any woman, any time. Men really do leave this training feeling free to talk to any woman they want. Do they still feel some fear – yes. But do they go for it anyway – YES!
Self Expression
The problem with most seduction teachers is that they tend to encourage you to lie about who you are and what you’re about. We go the complete opposite direction.
In the Freedom with Women seminar you learn the power of having an authentic voice. You learn that you do, deep down, have a uniquely seductive personality. You learn how to access your ability to communicate openly and honestly with women, and still find yourself easily and naturally meeting the women of your dreams. We believe that success in life is in part a function of congruent self-expression.