How To Drive Her Wild

A lot of men are very interested in learning ways to make a female orgasm. After all, who doesn’t want to be the best lover they can be? The good news is that when it comes to ways to make a woman reach orgasm, you often have more than one path to the finish line. Women have several erogenous zones, so it is a matter of learning her body, her preferences, and her inclinations.
Clitoral Stimulation
The key erogenous zone on a woman is her clitoris. This is the most popular and obvious site of sexual pleasure for women. For the bulk of women, this is the only path to orgasm. In terms of ways to make a female orgasm, this is top of the list. The clitoris is sensitive to the touch and can be a way to make a woman reach orgasm through oral or manual stimulation, or by utilizing a vibrator or other sex toy. This is often the path women employ themselves through self-stimulation or masturbation. The clitoris will respond to touch and become erect. Many women tremendously enjoy oral sex. But many men fear they do not know how to properly perform this act. Although the best way to ask your partner what she likes, many women are too shy or backward to state what they want directly. But often your partner will let you know what she likes by either moving your hand or head, or by her response that is, moaning, squirming about, etc.
A technique that is popular with many women is the”ice cream cone. “That is, you imagine her clitoris is like an ice cream cone. You make your tongue both soft and flat. Now lick from the opening of the vagina upwards to the top of the clitoris. Other techniques you can try-but they get mixed reviews–some women like these and others patently do not-are the ‘vacuum, ‘ which entails gently pulling the clitoris into your mouth and sucking on it while rubbing your tongue along it inside your mouth. Do not suck too hard. That is the biggest mistake most men make is handling the clitoris too rough. The other is the”flicka.”In this approach, you expose her clitoris by spreading about her labia and then flick your tongue over the clitoris. Some women like the”deep tongue”as well: thrust your tongue deeply into the vaginal opening and simulate the thrusting in and out motions of intercourse. For many women, variation of technique will work best; that is, using one technique to build tension, and then switching to another until that builds tension as well. But the most important thing is to watch her and pay attention to her response. She will let you know-directly or indirectly-what she likes.
G-spot Stimulation
The G-spot is another erogenous zone on the woman and should be included in ways to make a woman reach orgasm. Although many women report not having found their G-spot and not having experienced orgasm from G-spot stimulation, it is worth the time to hunt for your partner’s. If you can locate it and discover the precise stimulation she prefers, the payoff is big. Moisten your finger and then insert into the vaginal opening. You will likely want to slide it in up to your second knuckle. Your palm should be up. Along the backside of the opening you will find a small, dime-sized patch of flesh that is a bit rougher or ridged. It will feel different than the flesh surrounding it. That is her G-spot. Once you have located it, experiment with the style of touch that excites her. It might be massage, constant pressure, or rhythmic touch. Once you have established the location and type of touch she likes, you can experiment with various vibrators or sex toys to discover what really drives her wild. This spot is unlikely to be stimulated through intercourse.
Speaking of intercourse, a lot of women like manual stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse. For many women, this is a way to bring her to orgasm. But the third erogenous zone can only be accessed through intercourse. This is the A-spot, also called the deep spot, or the AFE. This is deep within the vaginal cavity. If you are less than well endowed, you will have difficulty reaching this deep spot, but if you can, your partner will have intense orgasms. This spot was discovered through research into female lubrication. What researchers learned was that even women who tend to be orgasmic responded with powerful orgasms to stimulation in this spot.
The ways to make a woman reach orgasm are varied, and each woman has her own preference. Once you learn her preferred method, the two of you can experiment with other erogenous zones. The clitoris, G-spot, and deep spot are all places on a woman’s body that make her reach orgasm. Learning your partner’s body is the best way to figure out what works for her.