What Should You Do When She Doesn’t TEXT You Back

You’ve sent her a text message and you are still waiting for a response. You are not sure why she hasn’t texted you back. You know that you want her to respond.
You might feel anxious.
Maybe even a little pessimistic.
When you send a woman you’ve been dating a text message and you assume that she is going to text you back and she doesn’t, it can be confusing. Minutes turn into hours and the feeling gets worse. You just want to know WHY she isn’t texting you back. If a day or more passes, it can really mess with your head.
You don’t know what to think …
You are not sure if her feelings for you have changed.
You are not sure if you should keep texting her or not.
You might even start to think that she might be off with some other guy.
Your mind can end up playing games with you.
Worry and doubt can set in.
You just want some relief.
You want to find an answer.
Let’s get to the bottom of this and figure out what might really be going on. As easy as texting is, it can cause some confusion when you are not getting the results that you want to get. First, you have to accept one thing and that is … there might be a simple answer.
She might be busy.
She might not be paying attention to her phone.
She might be out with friends.
She might be waiting to come up with a good response to your text.
Your text might not have given her a reason to text you back.
You want to be careful that you don’t read too much into an unanswered text message. If it happens once or even twice, it might not be that big of a deal at all. However, if she isn’t answering any text messages from you at all – that might mean that something is going on. Something that you need to know about.
Most guys make an assumption based on little to no real evidence. They read too much into something like she is not texting them back. They begin to assume the worst and that is not always the case.
I’ve dealt with plenty of questions relating to texting over the years and sometimes … there is something to worry about and sometimes, there is nothing to worry about. Some have said that it was one single text that she didn’t respond to and some have said that it was many.
It’s the many that you have to worry about.
What is the solution if you are worried because you have sent her a text message and she is not responding back to you?
Get busy. Distract yourself from the worry. Nothing good ever comes of it. If it is a one time situation, you probably have nothing to worry about. If she is ignoring many or all of your texts, then you might want to consider one of two things:
You either have to get better at texting
Or she might have lost interest.
Knowing how to text a woman is one of the keys to building fast attraction with her.