Why Most Men FAIL With Their Sexual Relationships – And What To Do About It

How to get sexual confidence and satisfy your woman every time.
Most women aren’t satisfied with their man – even the successful attractive guys.
The reason is they don’t have sexual confidence – the REAL confidence that affects everything else. I’ve put together a new course that teaches you how to get that INNER confidence, and satisfy your woman every time.
Don’t Blink
How many married women cheat on their men? Go on, take a guess.
Well, according to surveys (and remember, these are just the wives who ADMIT it) the number is over 50%.
With girlfriends, not surprisingly, the stat rises significantly.
And you thought YOU were bad.
Boredom – Your worst enemy
Know why? Shocking as it may be, most women say it’s because they get BORED.
And they don’t only mean this-restaurant-again bored.
Usually, they’re talking about BEDROOM bored.
There’s a sad fact us men have to own up to: as lovers, most of us suck.
I know, I know, I can’t believe it either.
A few sad facts: most women don’t have an orgasm most of the time. Quite a few women have entire RELATIONSHIPS without once having an orgasm.
There are even some women who go their whole LIVES without one. Can you imagine what that’s like?
Also, can you imagine how long you’d stay with a lady if she couldn’t give YOU an orgasm?
That’s right, one night.
Women put up with it a lot longer not because it’s less important to them, but because they’ve learned to live with disappointment.
The long search for the ultimate O
Still, when they’re in an unfulfilling relationship like that, it’s not particularly strange that women would search for their sexual fulfillment elsewhere. Hell, statistically, it’s probably happened to you – whether you know it or not.
But there aren’t enough guys who GET IT to satisfy the attractive desirable women in the world, so even the affairs are usually disappointing.
Perhaps it’s just the excitement of being naughty, perhaps the selection of men for purely sexual purposes (as opposed to relationship material), but A LOT of women get MORE sexual satisfaction from their affairs than their relationships.
Even if it STILL isn’t what they need.
See, here’s the thing. And I’m going to be very blunt here.
Almost every man isn’t, well, a MAN.
They may look like a man. They may talk like man (sometimes). They may play one in their daily conversations, in their pick-ups, in the men’s room.
But in the BEDROOM, this is something you can’t fake.
Only a SUPREME sexual confidence is what does it.
Sexual Confidence
Listen, I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars (literally) trying to figure out the key. I learned all the techniques possible – and a few impossible ones. I became a master at impressing and attracting women – any woman, anywhere.
But that didn’t do it. I mean, sure, I got to have plenty of sex with gorgeous women, but whenever I wanted… something… DEEPER, it always fell apart. I needed the KEY.
After all my study and observation, months of conversations on the subject with a psychologist friend, and plenty of quality time with various types of women, I found the key.
Next level time
My new course, the Blissnosis Master Program, is ALL about this.
It goes BEYOND anything I’ve taught before.
In the past, it was all about getting the girl. That is OBVIOUSLY the most important first step – without the girl, you can’t get anywhere.
But if you want to KEEP the girl – or get even BETTER at cracking some of the tougher shells out there – you need to get ADVANCED.
We already know that over half of women cheat on their man. Of the rest, some won’t fool around because of strong morals, or simple resignation.
A VERY few don’t mess with anyone else simply because they ARE satisfied.
The smallest percentage
A man who has TRUE sexual confidence – a kind of confidence that runs deeper than any other – you won’t have to worry about a woman drifting away from you.
She won’t be bored. She won’t be faking. She won’t want anyone else because, frankly, she’s probably never MET another man who has the confident presence you will.
Let alone been ATTACHED to such a man.
There are WAY more attractive and desirable women then there are men worthy of them – so most, in their heart, know they are settling most of the time.
The aren’t free to be themselves, because the men in their lives haven’t created the right environment for it.
Fantasies – an example
Women have just as many sexual fantasies as we men do – and yes, like all guys, women have some which are risqué.
But when their MAN doesn’t have the confidence and openness to tell a woman what he REALLY wants in his sex life, she’ll follow that lead.
Just one example, but a common one, and a very emblematic problem.
Truly confident men will LEAD, and the women in their lives will take on that same freedom.
Not only will you be completely OPEN, not only will you experience a wild sex life – the kind you, literally, DREAM of – but you’ll REALLY satisfy your woman.
Plus, you’ll help HER flower and experience HER fantasies.
You’ll help her become a complete person.
Become complete
But she NEEDS you to achieve this – because this sort of thing requires two people. And you need to have the sexual confidence to take it where it goes.
How do you get this? Check out my newest product, the Blissnosis Master Program, to find the KEY that will make EVERYTHING possible. Get any woman you want, keep her happy – happier than she’s ever been – and BOTH of you get to become more COMPLETE than you’ve ever been. Change both your dreams to reality.
You just need to give yourself permission to become what you want to be.
You just need the key.
Check it out.