Women With Insecurities

This can be more repulsive than a woman who has to clean 24 hours a day because she constantly thinks the house is dirty. I’m sure you know what I mean, a woman who is always insecure about the relationship. She either thinks you always think that she is fat, that her cooking is no good, or at worst, she thinks that you are cheating. This can get nerve-racking, to say the least. We have all known women who think that every second their man is cheating on them. I’m sure that sometimes they are right, but often it isn’t the case. They are paranoid. It can start out simply as asking questions. She might want to know if you went straight home from work, etc, etc.

Often times it can go to the extreme. She asks why you smell like cigarette smoke. You try to explain that a few of your friends from work went out to grab a quick bite to eat after work. The ideas start to roll in from there. She might think you went out to a bar with a ‘lady friend’. She may start to count every penny you spend. In her mind, maybe she can find a money trail to your mistress. She will ask where every cent has gone. God forbid you if are a penny short, because in her mind that means you must be spending it on some other woman.

She may count all of the mileage on your car. What she might not realize is that you may have some errands that needed running or you dropped by a friend’s house unexpectedly for a visit. Every mile you go over means you were traveling to see your other woman. I could go on and on. There are many things over the years that I have heard. At first it annoys you but, trust me, you will get used to it. Sometimes the insecurity can be a result of a tragic event that might have recently happened. A friend or relative might have passed away, maybe finances are kind of tough, or maybe there is some stress that you aren’t aware of in her life. Sometimes dealing with the kids and the household chores are a lot for a person to handle.

I would watch how long this goes on for. If it has only been going on for a short time, I would try to find the cause. If it is something that you already know of, like a relative’s passing, I wouldn’t let it bother you. If she gets out of hand for a long period of time, I would suggest to her that she talks to a therapist. If this has been going on since the first day you met her, I would also suggest to her to get some help. Obsessive compulsive thoughts can be treated with therapy and medication, or both. She may have a legitimate medical problem. Many people suffer from such things in various forms. There are even online support groups where she can find other people that she can talk to. It will help her greatly to find someone who understands what she is going through and be able to talk to.

This can be very hard to handle and may cause you to go utterly insane. If you truly love her, I would suggest either trying to get her some help or just putting up with it. If she is your special someone, then it is worth it. On the other hand if this is just a girlfriend who thinks you are cheating all the time and she nags you about it…. I would suggest dumping her before it eats you alive. There is no need for that. Let her ruin someone else’s life.

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