How To Get a Girl’s Number

Let’s say you are following our advice and meeting and charming lots of hot women. Of course you want to do more than just meet them. . .

When you meet a great looking woman that you decide you like (that YOU decide is a key statement, her being attractive is not in itself enough), you might immediately go on a mini-date, maybe for a coffee or drink, or even straight to your place, but that is pretty rare.

Usually, you’ll need to get contact info so you can get together later. So, how do you get a girl’s number?

If meeting in person, as opposed to online or at a speed dating event, you simply tell her to give it to you and then shut up. You might even hand her your phone already in the «add new contact» mode so she can just type in her name and number.

Notice I did not say «Ask Her»

If you sheepishly say something like «Err, uhh, can I please have number?» that might work, but politely and confidently yet firmly requesting her number is much more effective.

For example, you are having fun talking to a woman and you say:
«I’ve got to go. Great talking to you. Give me your number so we can continue our conversation sometime.»
It doesn’t matter if she immediately gives you her number or looks at you quizzically or whatever, you just shut up and wait. Most of the times she’ll just give you the number.

If she objects, she is testing you, whether consciously or unconsciously.
One told me «I don’t have a phone.» Yeah, bullshit. She was from Maine, so I said «Really? No phones? I know you’re from Maine which is pretty rural. Do you have an ‘in toilet’? Or do you poop in the woods?»
«Come on, give me your number!» I was smiling and obviously joking, and she gave me her number.

Another woman recently immediately told me «I have a boyfriend.» Now when a woman says that, maybe she does and maybe she doesn’t and I certainly do not want to be breaking up any serious relationships, but usually it is nonsense. I said, «I didn’t ask you to marry me, I just asked for your number» and smiled. Yes, she gave it to me.

There are plenty of other answers to the «I have a boyfriend» ploy including «Are you happy with him» (a great many women are not happy with their boyfriends), «Well,   I bet you have more than one pair of shoes,» and «A boyfriend? Cool. You need a manfriend also.»

One of my favorites is «That’s great, I’m pretty busy and you should have someone to hang out with when I’m not around. Just put your number in my phone.»

Most women will just give you their number.

I saw a great video where guys walked up to random women and asked them immediately for their number, and most women complied! Remember, women find confidence attractive!

So, what do you do with all these numbers? I usually tell them, «I’ll text you in a few minutes so you’ll have my number too» or sometimes immediately. Then call or text with 24-48 hours to set up a meeting!

You may get some fake numbers, some women may not answer, and some may flake. That’s fine. There are plenty of women out there!