No Strings Attached Sex – Have You Tried it?

If you haven’t heard of the concept of no strings attached sex, then you need to get out more! Nowadays, many people find spontaneous sex intriguing, and the fact that it gives no promise for a future makes it even more exciting as there’s no need for commitments. The culture of hooking up has become quite popular today that there are tons of websites specifically designed for people who aren’t interested in relationships other than a brief sexual encounters. Sex dating sites are the fastest growing type of dating sites around, and millions of people are deciding to go with casual arrangements of conventional relationships.

Where Do You Draw The Lines On No Strings Dating?

No strings attached dating is a very tricky subject: it has the word ‘dating’ in it but there’s no actual relationship! Sounds ambiguous, doesn’t it? We all know of people who’ve claimed they can maintain no strings relationships, only to find one party decides they want more. It usually happens after they have slept over a few times at each other’s house, or have done some non-sexual activities together.
The reality is that most nsa dating arrangements end in disaster as there’s often some kind of emotions involved. Imagine this scenario: you discuss your day at work with each other, or a book you recently read that you really liked. And as soon as you start sharing this kind of stuff, bonds form whether you like it or not (unless, of course, you’re a robot). Even though it may be unintended, it could get tricky to cut off all these feelings. Indeed, it’s hard to know where to draw the line.

You’re Better Off Calling It NSA Sex!

That’s why you’re better off calling a spade a spade and being honest with each other: you are only meeting for no strings attached sex! Casual dating demands that you always keep an open-mind, and that you should look no further than getting laid. But as long as physical contact is involved (which is the main reason for emotional attachments), it could be hard to adapt to it especially if you’re used to long-term relationships. So, you need to learn the tricks of the trade so that you won’t end up getting hurt in the process.

Remember that there’s no ‘dating’ of any kind happening, and you won’t discuss your job, personal troubles or anything else of substance. Focus on the sex alone, and this way things will be much easier for the both of you. Also, keep it friendly by superficial to avoid falling into a swamp of feelings and recriminations. You don’t have to be as cold as ice to your partner, but you don’t have to be too friendly either. You need to go somewhere in between to keep things in perspective.