Stacking The Odds in Your Favor: Dress, Grooming, Hygiene, and More

You can be 200 pounds overweight, dress like a slob, have bad breath and body odor and date attractive women, but that makes things much more difficult.
You do not need a Top Hat, Cane, and Suit, but don’t dress like a bum! more difficult.

I like to make life easy and give myself every little edge with women.
Usually just a few tweaks make success with women easier. Here is how to do that. Note that we are not talking major life changes.

Women care how you dress. We notice how attractive women are immediately. They notice how well we dress immediately. The better you dress, the more attractive you are to them, period!
Throw away your old ratty t-shirts and clothes. You never know where you might meet your next girlfriend, so always dress decently. I even dress respectably for the gym.
I do not have a great sense of style, so I take a friend shopping with me periodically. She is a bit younger than me, trendy, up on fashion, and buys me clothes I like that are very comfortable to wear. Women love to help men shop.
You can also ask an attractive woman you barely know, perhaps just met, to go shopping with you. «You have a great sense of style – I could use some help, a ladies opinion. Let’s go shopping tomorrow. I’ll buy you lunch afterwards.»
Also have a woman or other friend with a sense of style look at your current clothes. Some of them should almost certainly be dumped. Just do it!

Shoes matter so much to women that we men just can’t understand it.
I used to wear a pretty ratty pair of sneakers everywhere. Now I have 3 pairs of comfortable shoes that are not expensive and women actually compliment me on them. And yes, I took a new female friend with me to buy shoes.

Fit is better than not fit. Join a gym. Some women like thin men, some women prefer bigger men like me, but all women like fitter men.
Fit is healthy and healthy is sexy.

Look, I’m 5’10» and over 250 lbs but can run a half marathon and then go hit the weights in the gym. Women find me much sexier if than if I was an equivalent sized couch potato. Work with what you got but don’t stress out over your body.

Smokers tend to only date other smokers. If you smoke, quitting will increase your pool of possible women, so quit. I’m not saying it’s necessarily easy, but it’s worth it for many reasons.
Now if occasionally you light up a butt or two after drinking, well that’s not as big a deal. Lots of women who «don’t smoke» do the same thing.

If you want to sport a ZZ Top style beard and have 40 facial piercings, more power to you, but a more mainstream look will make you attractive to a wider array of women.

Now maybe you want to attract women that like long beards and piercings, and that’s cool, but there are fewer of those. Just saying. . .
I keep my hair cropped fairly closely, pretty conservative looking. I occasionally have a well trimmed goatee and/or mustache. That look attracts more women than the «Wild Man of Borneo» look, as my father used to call my appearance when I was younger.

If you are balding, you haircut especially matters but fortunately bald is in and you can even just shave your head. Just don’t have a horrible dated haircut like «The Comb Over.»

Especially when you hit 40 and hair grows everywhere except maybe on your head, trim overly busy eyebrows, ear hair, and nose hair. It just isn’t attractive.

Body Odor and Bad Breath:
Bathe frequently! OK, in the US we are a little uptight and shower endlessly, but smelly is rarely attractive! I see otherwise attractive guys in the gym, in coffee shops, and walking around town that look like they just rolled out of bed and smell like it! Don’t be that guy.

Now some of you have bad breath and do not know it. I occasionally do. It is a massive turn off. I brush frequently, carry mints in the car, and have told my friends and family to tell me if my breath smells!

Car and Home:
You do not need a Ferrari and a mansion to attract women, but your car and home should be fairly neat and clean. I am bad here, but every 2 or 3 days I pick up and neaten everything in my car and at home before they get out of control.
You can ignore everything I’ve said here and still date attractive women, but it will be much harder.

And that one special woman that just may make your life fantastic may never give you a chance if you ignore the advice above.