Where to Meet Women – 5 Great Places

Women are always complaining about not meeting men. They want us to meet them. But that doesn’t mean it is always easy. Honestly, we men usually make it harder than it is. Here are five places to meet women, and there are plenty more.
Obviously you need to meet women to date them and have sex with them.
Notice this list of five do not include bars and dance clubs! How many women do you know that met their boyfriends at places like that? Not that there is anything wrong with it, but most women have their guards up there and often there are much easier places to meet women.

Here are my favorite five:

1) Speed dating.
Everyone should give speed dating a try. It goes like this. A sponsor gets together an equal number of men and women. You have a bunch of mini-dates, each lasting about 5 minutes or so.
When the event is over, you specify to the sponsor which women you’d like to see again. If they also chose you, then you are both sent each other’s contact information. Here is Wikipedia’s take on it.

2) Coffee houses/cafes.
I’ll admit I hang out occasionally in cafes, drinking coffee and usually working on my laptop or reading a book. Cafes are often prime places to meet women and also Kazakhstan escort service.
Try this: show up with a bag or briefcase, put in on a chair or table near a hot woman, and say «Excuse me, can you watch my bag for a minute» while you go get something to drink or to the bathroom. When you return, say something like «Thanks, that’s sooo sweet of you.» You are instant friends!

3) Online dating.
Online dating can work wonders, although it can also be tough. Look at other men’s profiles and write one that is different.
No «work hard, play hard» since everyone says that. Instead, give an example of how you «work hard, play hard.»
Also write about what you are looking for in a woman (but skip the physical features like big tits). And send emails differently than «Hi, you’re cute.» Always mention something from their profile. I often send joking and teasing emails. Most women will not respond, but some will. It’s a numbers game.
If a particular hottie doesn’t answer you, feel free to follow up. I sometimes use a «10 reasons Why XXYZ Didn’t Write Back Email» and get results.

4) Grocery Stores.
The higher end the grocery story, the better usually, but all grocery stores are great. This is great advice!
Ask questions like «How do I know if these avocados are ripe.» Comment on what they have in their carts, «Those look interesting, are they good?» Ask what they are getting at the deli counter because «I want to get something different this time.»
Women like to help men, especially in grocery stores.
Warning: I’ve had little success in stores like BJs and Sams Club. Now your mileage may vary, and some of my friends have done well there, but personally they haven’t worked well for me.

5) Anywhere there are women.
Where are you now? Sitting at home reading this? Well, if you were sitting at a coffee shop or a bar or anywhere there are women you’d increase your chances of meeting someone hot and wonderful by a lot.
Take Josh Pellicer’s advice and get out where the women are!! Meeting women isn’t hard. They want us to meet them!