Useful tips to get a good sex

When trying to get good sex, everything is important. Work on your behavior to make everything perfect. This way guys get control of their relationships with girls. 

Tips for guys improving sex

When trying to have good sex with a girl, you should encourage her steps in emancipation, admire her. When she starts to open up in bed for you – notice it. Just formulate everything correctly and watch nude pictures at This immediately raises her self-esteem and increases the chances of trying out more new experiences in sex.

Do not focus on the failures. If she needs a lot of time to get an orgasm, and you are already clearly tired – change your position, slow down, offer a break, hug her and care. Never focus on this. She already knows very well that she does not reach orgasm once or twice. And it is not always connected with some kind of complexes or tightness, it can be physiological features – both hers and yours.

This does not mean that you just need to ignore it and do nothing. No, just talk to her and carefully find out at what moments she was most pleasant and how she would like you to continue. For a person, there is nothing more detracting from self-esteem than the feeling that “something is wrong with me”. Study your body, do not be afraid to touch yourself and find out which zones for you are the most pleasant. Knowing your body, you can tell your girlfriend what to do.